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Bloody Mary with a Spicy Lobster Skewer Recipe

Posted by Elizabeth Storey on


We made this for the judges at the San Pedro Lobster Festival. Want to wow your guest at your next house party?  This recipe is sure to blow them away, or just a perfect touch for that morning brunch with your partner or friend.  So easy to make you can use lobster or shrimp for this one.



Bloody Mary with a Spicy Lobster Skewer


You Will Need:

  • Half size bamboo skewers soaked in water for at least 20 minutes (this is so they won’t burn on the grill
  • Caribbean Spice Belize's Belizean Creole Seasoned Sea Salt
  • Lobster or shrimp shelled and deveined
  • Butter for brushing

For the Drink:

  • Tomato Juice (plain)
  • Vodka of your choice
  • Caribbean Spice Belize's Bloody Mary Mix
  • Lime
  • Caribbean Spice Belize's Habanero Sea Salt

Get the grill hot or you can do it in a pan and sear it on the stove.  Skewer your choice of seafood and season will Belizean Creole Seasoned Sea Salt.  Grill for about 2-3 minutes on each side, until done. Brush with butter and let sit while you get your drink ready. Remember our spice blends are pure and there are no fillers, so be careful not to over season.

In a plate sprinkle a little Caribbean Spice Belize's Habanero Sea Salt, cut the lime in half and wet the rim of the glass with the lime and tap the glass in the Habanero Sea Salt to make the spicy sea salt rim.

For the drink, add a shot or 2 of Vodka. Shake the Caribbean Spice Belize's Bloody Mary Mix well and put one capful for just right and 2 capfuls for spicy.  Add the juice of the lime you cut, ice and fill with tomato juice. Shake or mix with a spoon and pour into your rimmed glass. Top with a Spicy Lobster Skewer.  Garnish with celery stick, lime, cocktail onions if you are feeling fancy.

Drink, Eat and Love the one you're with!





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