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"I LOVE this stuff and I look forward to branching out and eventually ordering more products. So good on chicken or carne out of the pressure cooker. WONDERFUL flavor!!!"

"I was a little worried about the international transaction, however the package arrived promptly. The quality of your spices are top notch and I haven't found anything equivalent locally."

"I score a 10 because myself and all my friends that I gifted with a product from your company has been outstanding in flavor, taste and freshness. On my last trip to Belize I appreciated the effort that was put into my delivery of my products while I was visiting in San Pedro during your holiday season. Thank you very much once again!"

"I love the prices!"

"Love the combination of spices that you have and how it brings me back to Belize whenever I use them in my cooking."


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 Trip Advisor Reviews of Caribbean Spice Belize
Reviewed May 1, 2015

I can say without a doubt that Caribbean Spice Belize is THE best specialty food store in the country.
As a confessed food snob and purveyor of all natural locally made products...I have tried just about everything there is to eat here...and Caribbean Spice Belize is on the top of my list in terms of taste...quality...and consistency.
There is nothing like eating something made with love. And in these is the main ingredient.
From the vegetable cheese dip to the michelada mix to the pure vanilla extract...I want to keep my shelves stocked with what they've got.

Reviewed March 1, 2015

The warmth and honesty you experience in the presence of the owner at Caribbean Spice Belize is second only to the care and consistency that every product on her shelves can hold! Every special meal since my encounter with Caribbean Spice this past year has only made me want to denounce my citizenship and move to Belize! Sure wish i had some habanero sea salt to rub into a brisket for tomorrow. frowny face but i know i will order some soon! smiley face

Reviewed May 1, 2015

Caribbean Spice has changed the way that I cook. Libby is an inspiring woman and she puts her heart an soul into everything that she does. This passion translates into exceptional products that you can feel good about!

Reviewed February 16, 2015

Caribbean Spice is beautiful food made with love and a supreme knowledge of what your taste-buds want. The flavour combos are gorgeous (the balsamic habanero drizzle is my fave). The spice mixes are the specialty, but the curds and honeys are pretty darn spesh. Worth the visit especially for treats to take home.

Reviewed May 9, 2015 via mobile

I had no idea there were so many hot sauces in Belize and I live here! This little shop has it all, there were like 10 different kinds and there is taste samples also. But these aren't your regular hot sauces there is all kinds of spices, different fruits as bases of the hot sauces even One Barrel Rum!!!
I racked up for my kitchen and grabbed some of the great spice blends too
Thanks guys your stuff rocks please start selling in Cayo!!

5 of 5 starsReviewed June 4, 2015

This little place is a gem in Belize City, it's got everything you want in Caribbean flavors. I got all my gifts to take home and everything I have tried so far has been excellent. Top quality ingredients make all the difference. I am dreaming about the taste sampling table...I want to go back!

Reviewed May 1, 2015 via mobile

My person favorite is habanero balsamic dressing! Next favorite would have to be the jalapeno sea salt and the list may go on forever there's nothing that I have not enjoyed! I'm going to try the barbecue sauce for the first time this weekend! But it's definitely worth stopping here. I know every person can find at least one thing they love!

Reviewed May 1, 2015

I've been a fan of Caribbean Spice for a while now. My first recommendation came from a local chef who told me that the garlic salt would never clump. Living in the tropics means that we have a lot of problems with 'clumping'. It was true, their garlic salt did not clump. I went on to try many of their other products and even become adventurous and trying new spices mixtures. My two current favourites are the five peppers and the cuban spice. I use Caribbean Spices exclusively now in all of my cooking because I simply haven't encountered any better. I was delighted to visit their new shop in Belize City recently as I'd only been able to purchase the spices at a premium on Ambergris Caye. Now I can pick up spices on my trips to the city and enjoy taking my time browsing a shop truly heaven for anyone who loves cooking.

Reviewed February 21, 2015

Caribbean spice is a must have in any body's kitchen. Made with the freshest local vegetables and fruits grown under the Belizean sun, Caribbean Spice captures the exotic flavors and bottles it to perfection. From sauces to seasoning salts, spice blends and vinegars, you are sure to find an all time favorite. It adds zest and flair and tropical boldness to your everyday meals! I highly recommend for everybody to try my personal favorites: Balsamic Habanero Drizzle, Coconut Sea Food Blend, Habanero Sea Salt, One Barrel Spicy Mustard,Toasted Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette, and the Michelada Seasoning Mix.

Reviewed April 13, 2015

What a great shop, the girls were so nice and funny. There are many different things and they have tons of taste samples and the more I sampled the more I bought
If you want a true taste of the Caribbean, this is the place to visit, great for your own kitchen and the most unique gifts you can buy in Belize.

Facebook Reviews for Caribbean Spice Belize

Candy H. Power 5 starThis is a 5 star product. It is just wonderful. All natural and such wonderful flavors. I use it in just about everything.

Anna Vivienne Williams 5 starLove love love Caribbean Spice's amazing ingenuity and creativity with these belizean ingredients! Adore the dressings and am a particular fan of the Stout Mustard... until I discovered the Cranberry mustard oh WOW!! love the Chimichurri, all the "butters" and anything with mango. Can't wait to get my hands on one or more of the new Honeys!!! amazing - keep at it libby!

Colette Kase 5 starI not only keep stocked up with Caribbean Spices at home in Belize, but always take them with me as gifts when I travel abroad. Great combinations, fresh flavours and lots of inspiration to help me when I want to try something different.

Karen Jones 5 starWhat a delight for the palate! My favorites are Balsamic Habanero Drizzle, Coconut Seafood Blend, and Habanero Sea Salt. While at the Caribbean Spice shop in Belize City, I bought several sauces and spices as gifts to bring home for friends and for me! They've all proven to be five-star!!!

Holly Copeland 5 starLove everything I have tried!!! You have a gift for making wonderful flavors!!

Deborah Jeffrey King 5 starAmazing flavors in the spices, rubs and sauces. ... the Mango Teriyaki is AMAZING! ! Since i probably won't be able to make it back to Belize anytime soon, i will definitely be ordering online! !

Michelle Madison Marceaux 5 starOmg!!! I love everything I have bought and can't wait to try even more!!!!

Lee Vanderwalker 5 starSo fresh and natural, everything I have purchased from Caribbean Spice, or tasted in a sampling at their store in Belize City at the Brown Sugar Terminal (where the San Pedro Belize Express Water taxi leaves from), has been incredible. Its hard to choose. I love the fact that you can try any of their products, from dressings to spices to butters to mustards, right there in the shop, before you buy. There isn't one thing I wouldn't buy or try, I love everything! The products make wonderful gifts too!

Barefoot Skinny5 star

I have had the unique pleasure of being Libby's taste tester on more than 50 occasions. I don't know if she took my advice, but everything was always RIGHT ON!
It's a great addition to what Belize has to offer in the world of great tastes!
She makes Belize a tastier place.