Bevis Bitters, A Recipe from the jungles of Mountain Equestrian Trails.

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How to Make Proper Jackass Bitters Tonic, by Jim Bevis

For Our Grandchildren:

Jackass bitters (E), Tres Puntas (S), Mano de Lagarto (S) and Kayabim (Mayan) are names given to this multipurpose Healing plant that grows in disturbed or cleared areas. Jackass Bitters is a member of the Asteraceae family and a common Central American plant. It has yellow flowers and bitter-tasting leaves which contain a potent anti-parasitic agent (sesquiterpene dialdehyde) that is active against amoebas, candida, giardia and intestinal parasites.

Traditionally, the herb is taken internally as a tea or in a wine preparation (Tonic), or used in it’s natural form topically, to bathe and cure stubborn wounds and infections.

There is some preliminary research that indicates Jackass Bitters helps regulate blood sugar levels, which can ultimately help diabetics manage their condition. A subsequent animal study showed that a tincture of this plant lowered blood glucose levels in animals.

All I know is that we have been using it as a preventive and cure for the above ailments, for over thirty years in our family. When it was time to dose the bitters in our house, the children did not come running to line up, like they were going to get a Flintstone vitamin. Even after a month in the Sun with 4 quarts of a cheap sweet wine added to the dry leaves, the elixir still is pretty bitter with a lingering after taste. Once the kids were lined up, the object was to see who could keep a normal face after taking their monthly tablespoon of this bitter and biting mixture… More times than not, most would exhibit the “ funny face”, as Sam Tzib use to call it and then the clowns, commence to doing movements, that can only be compared to the 60’s dance, “The Jerk”. On occasions people would show up at MET from the Cayes with bad belly and we would dose them at the bar with a shot of bitters and they cured up within hours and they usually switched to rum.

I try to take it as a preventive, usually a shot, about every two weeks. The family will tell you that I do not get sick unless poisoned by food from the street.

Anyway, the other day it was time to make a gallon, which lasts about a year and thought I should give some background and share the making of this Jungle Bitters Tonic in photo. I will continue to swear by it, while the unbelievers laugh and continue to take sick around me.

Stay Well any way that works,


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