Vidatox 30 CH Blue Scorpion Cancer Treatment from Cuba

Vidatox 30 CH Blue Scorpion Cancer Treatment from Cuba

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Vidatox is a revolutionary cancer medication that has been providing relief for patients suffering from cancer worldwide. It’s angiogenic and a biotherapy homeopathic cancer treatment that increases the survival rate of cancer patients while improving their quality of life. Vidatox cancer medication is one of the most natural and homeopathic medications available for cancer sufferers.

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Also known as the Blue Scorpion cancer treatment, Vidatox works by stimulating the immune system to attack the growing tumor. Vidatox cancer medication binds to the cancer cells and blocks tumor angiogenesis that supplies the tumor with the needed nutrients. This provides pain relief and healing as it has anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects. Be aware of the Green Vidatox as it is not from the Cuban laboratory and is a counterfeit product.

It is a potentially non-toxic product that is administered through oral consumption. It is taken simply under the tongue as sublingual drops. Patients who have received and tested the Vidatox samples have noted the improvements:

  • Decreased Pain
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Improvement of hematological parameters
  • Improvement of appetite
  • General Improvement
  • Improvement of function in affected organs and systems
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased “coughing”
  • Desire for Living

    Vidatox Phase 1Stage one and growing tumors

    Here we see the cancer cells, which multiply rapidly and form a tumor that grows progressively into normal tissues. With the growth of the tumor, there is an increase of pressure on the surrounding nerves causing from mild to unbearable pain. As in normal tissue, the tumor is nourished by blood vessels to grow. This process is called angiogenesis.

    Vidatox Phase 2Phase 2 vidatox stimulates and strengthens immune system

    Venom binds to tumor cells and blocks tumor angiogenesis that supplies the tumor with the needed nutrients.  VIDATOX also stimulates and strengthens the immune system.


    Vidatox Phase 3phase 3 and the healing effects

    The figure above shows the healing effects that the immune system is capable of doing if properly stimulated. Studies show a significant stimulation of the Immune System on experimental animals and in patients who have used the venom. There is a significant increase in white blood cells and other cells responsible for defending the immunity. In other words, the studies indicate that the venom contains substances that are effective in stimulating the immune system and other substances that act as anti-inflammatory and painkiller.